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YangShan Country Garden Phoenix Hotel

Yangshan country garden phoenix hotel is high star hotel, the hotel has 138 spacious and comfortable, luxurious and elegant rooms, and there are 6 kinds to choose from. All rooms by the international designer, luxurious and elegant decoration. Make the rooms are spacious space planning independent views, guest room, complete with advanced facilities, including a variety of satellite TV channels, free broadband Internet access, wireless wifi, advanced spacious separate bathroom and other supporting facilities; And part of the room is equipped with a viewing balcony, let the guests enjoy the noble luxurious. Yangshan county as the pearl river delta in the back garden \"park\", \"the city of four-wheel drive, cross-country\" as well, are rich in tourism resources, at an altitude of 1902 meters of guangdong in the \"high\", four-wheel drive off-road vehicle race, \"strength\", han yu's culture \", \"\" beauty\", picturesque scenery, hot spring number first in the city, the ecological public welfare forest area is the first in the province. Guangdong in the tourist scenic spot, all-wheel-drive sport tourist area, small suv beijiang river scenic area, fishery water scenic spot, xian mountain hot springs scenic spot, beishan temple, han yu's memorial, forest, a large number of longfeng hot welcome domestic and foreign tourists attractions. Corporate culture: \"enthusiastic service, perfect\" service concept, to force to provide customers with quality services.